Pinnacle Windshield

Product Overview

•  Built with our exclusive “Fusion Technology” optics to disperse an even distribution of light with a super wide angle output
•  Lower profile than competing lightbars with less overall windshield obstruction and smaller footprint
•  Many vehicle specific models for SUVs and trucks; Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition and Explorer
•  Universal model with adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most windshield angles for even greater compatibility with different vehicle models and years
•  Compatible with many vehicle makes and models including Chevrolet Caprice, Impala, Dodge Charger and Ford Crown Victoria
•  Up to 2 LED Take Down modules can be designated in your choice of position on the bar

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range
10-16 Vdc

Number of LEDs and Maximum Current Draw @ 12.8 Vdc
Inboard Warning Module
6 LED Single Color: < 1.0 Amp
9 LED Single Color: < 1.0 Amp

Number of LEDs and Maximum Wattage @ 12.8 Vdc
Inboard Warning Module
6 LED Single Color: < 6.4 Watt
6 LED: < 6.4 Watt

Flash Patterns
Standard Warning: 36 flash patterns and Takedown: 9 flash patterns

Operating Temperature
-40° C to +65° C / -40° F to +149° F

Universal (each side): 20” (51 cm) L x 1” (2.5 cm) H x 7.5” (19 cm) D

Universal Bracket model with adjustable mounting or vehicle specific