RX 2700CC™

Featuring PriZm™II Reflector Technology

360 of high-output lighting

At 2.7″ tall, this low profile lightbar provides phenomenal light output in an aerodynamic design

Applications: – Warning, Tow

Unique features

  • 8 or 12 head LED PriZm™II lightheads in each corner position
  • 3, 8 or 12 head LED PriZm™II lightheads in front and rear positions
  • 55w Halogen takedown lights
  • 35w MR-11 Alley lights
  • Easy to install LIT3 Mounting platform (included)
  • Several configurations to choose from
  • Variety of flash patterns
  • Central Controller System Features:
    *One-Touch setting/changing of flash patterns
    *Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Takedown and Alley Lights
    *LED Dimming Mode
    *Corner Cruise lights
    *Built-in ArrowStik function (designated models only)
  • Central Controller is Standard in Every Model (Unless Otherwise Specified)
  • 12 LED PriZm II lightheads now available in split-color configurations
  • Auto Dimming feature available (see lightbar page for details)

Standard Options

  • Various length NarrowStik from 5-11 heads available
  • Clear or colored top lens caps
  • Red, Blue, Amber, White or Green LEDs
  • Dual-stacked 3 LED OLP modules available with NarrowStik applications
  • Lighted LIT3 Mounting Kit (LED and/or 55w halogen)
  • N-3 Emitter
  • 12 LED PriZm II lightheads available for front and rear positions
  • Available in a non-Central Controller version (specify when ordering)
  • Serial Interface System is available
  • 800 Series Software is available

General Specifications

  • 36 », 44 », 47 », 52 », 58 », 69 », 80 » and 91 » lengths available
  • 12.2 » w x 2.7 » h
  • 10-16 VDC, reverse polarity protected
  • 5-year warranty on LED modules
  • Meets all applicable SAE, NFPA and California Title 13 specs when properly configured

Download Literature

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RX 2700CC™ as shown in our catalog (pdf 232k)
Serial Interface sell sheet
(pdf 252k)
RX 2700CC™ installation manual
(pdf 676k)

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