Solar Panel for RX2700CC

Capture the power of the sun and the power of PriZm™II Technology

Proven to be the perfect solution for the U.S. Border Patrol – now available to everyone

Applications: – Tow, Warning

Unique features

  • Industrial-strength 5-watt panel is HALF THE SIZE of other 5-watt solar chargers
  • Provides clean quiet energy for all 12-volt lead-acid batteries over 20 amp hours
  • Low Profile panel mounts flat (no frame required) so it is virtually indestructible
  • Circuit box includes blinking red LED to indicate the unit is pulsing
  • Unique weatherproof solar charger provides clean energy
  • Cleans battery plates of large damaging lead-sulfates allowing maximum usage of power
  • Helps offset energy-robbing key-off parasitic loads
  • Works with all lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and gel)
  • Ideal for areas without access to electrical power
  • Helps extend battery life up to 3 times longer

Standard Options

  • Available for RX 2700CC™
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Panel is composed of high-grade substrate and bonding
  • Panel utilizes proven silicon technology
  • Heavy Duty Log Connectors
  • Quick Disconnect for Easy Install
  • Serial Interface System is available

General Specifications

  • 8.75” x 8.75” x .125”
  • 350 mA Operating Current
  • 17′ cord
  • Five Year Limited Warranty