LP 6000™

The Industry Work Horse

Sleek and stable, the aerodynamic LP 6000™ lightbar from Code 3, Inc.® delivers the light you need, meeting or exceeding industry warning standards.

Applications: – Utilty Construction, Security, Maintenance

Unique features

  • StingRay® rotators
  • Unique D-Tech® rotators
  • Alley lights (single or dual)
  • Stationary flashing lights
  • Takedown lights
  • High speed rotators
  • OsciLaser™ option
  • Opticom™

Standard Options

  • Center stainless steel speaker cover or all-light models

General Specifications

  • Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options
  • Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate lens & filter options
  • Halogen rotators
  • Mounting kit & adapter included on standard bars
  • Incandescent or halogen stationary lights
  • 15 feet of cable standard
  • 38″, 43″, 47″, 55″ length versions
  • 4.875″ high x 11.25″ wide
  • “Opticom” is a registered trademark of 3M Corp.

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