21TR Plus MultiColor

MultiColor Technology, as seen in our Defender and RX 2700 LEDlightbars, is now in the 21TR Plus with even more capabilities!



  • Now Available: Cruise Lights remain on when other lighting functions are activated
  • Work lights and Alleys are now MultiColor providing the ability to change from MultiColor to steady burn whenever needed
  • MultiColor technology provides two full signals out of one lighthead – No compromising of signal strength or size by splitting an LED in half to get two colors
  • Greater signal strength allows for increased safety by alerting motorists of your presence especially at intersections
  • Turn your Amber/White or Blue/White lightheads in the front or rear into all white work lights

Design Features

  • MultiColor Torus LED Modules (Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/Amber, Blue/Amber, Amber/White)
  • Two Full Signals out of one Lighthead
  • LED Worklights and Alley Lights in MultiColor Red/White, Blue/White, Amber/White
  • Corner MultiColor Lightheads can be programmed to be steady burn for additional Scene Lighting
  • New Cruise Capabilities including Flicker, MultiColor selection, and Safety Cruise Functionality
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Worklight and Alley Lights
  • Built-In NarrowStik Function
  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns
  • LED Dimming Feature
  • 951 Flash Pattern Software
  • Deluxe Central Controller with 49 Flash Pattern Selections, NarrowStik, and Cruise Function
  • User Selectable Flash Patterns Changeable on each Lighthead
  • Lightheads are selected in matching pairs

Standard Options

  • Red, Blue, Amber, or Black Top Lenses Available
  • LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights
  • Lighted LIT3 Mounting Foot
  • Solar Panel Battery Conditioner

General Specifications

  • 47″ L (1194 mm) and 52″ L (1320 mm)
  • 12.25″ W x 2.1″ H (311 mm x 53 mm)
  • 12 Volt
  • Meets all Applicable SAE J595 and J845 Class 1, NFPA, and California Title 13 Specifications when properly configured.
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • 5-Year LED warranty

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