Solar Panel

Capture the power of the sun and the power of PriZm™II Technology

Proven to be the perfect solution for the U.S. Border Patrol – now available to everyone

Applications: – Police, Fire, EMS

Unique features

  • Industrial-strength 5-watt panel is HALF THE SIZE of other 5-watt solar chargers
  • Provides clean quiet energy for all 12-volt lead-acid batteries over 20 amp hours
  • Low Profile panel mounts flat (no frame required) so it is virtually indestructible
  • Circuit box includes blinking red LED to indicate the unit is pulsing
  • Unique weatherproof solar charger provides clean energy
  • Cleans battery plates of large damaging lead-sulfates allowing maximum usage of power
  • Helps offset energy-robbing key-off parasitic loads
  • Works with all lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and gel)
  • Ideal for areas without access to electrical power
  • Helps extend battery life up to 3 times longer

Standard Options

  • Available for RX 2700CC™
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Panel is composed of high-grade substrate and bonding
  • Panel utilizes proven silicon technology
  • Heavy Duty Log Connectors
  • Quick Disconnect for Easy Install
  • Serial Interface System is available

General Specifications

  • 8.75” x 8.75” x .125”
  • 350 mA Operating Current
  • 17′ cord
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

Download Literature
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Download and view the RX 2700CC™ with Solar Panel sell sheet in PDF format.
Download and view the Solar Panel Option as shown in our catalog in PDF format.
Download and view the Serial Interface sell sheet in PDF format.
Download and view the RX 2700CC™ installation manual in PDF format.

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