Opticom LED Emitter

The Opticom LED Emitter provides a high level of safe traffic management for emergency vehicles traveling through an intersection.

Designed for installation in our low-profile lightbars (2100, RX 2700CC™ and the Defender™), the Opticom LED Emitter will outlast strobe based emitters and significantly reduce power consumption.

Applications: – Police, Fire, EMS

Unique features

  • Provides safe emergency vehicle preemption at all Opticom Infrared System intersections
  • Secure, coded signal prevents unauthorized use and provides more confidence travelling through intersections
  • LED non-visible light provides lower power consumption and longer operating life to protect your investment
  • Available in all new low-profile lightbars and can be retrofitted into existing low-profile lightbars
  • Programmed to work with existing strobe emitter systems
  • It can be coded on location if a PC is available with J1708 connector
  • Built-in power supply simplifies installation
  • Internal lightbar mounting only-not weatherproof

Standard Options

  • Unit can be installed with 35w or LED takedowns, however not with 55w takedowns
  • Opticom LED Emitter is available on the 2100, RX 2700CC and the Defender lightbars (plus many others)

General Specifications

  • 0.25” H x 5.75” L x 0.75” D
  • 2500 foot range
  • Passed 2004/104/EC Annex 1
  • 3-5w Amp
  • 7.5” Pigtail with an 8 pin Tyco/AMP Connector
  • 2 Year Warranty

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