The Defender® lightbar features the truly unique, patent-pending TriCore® technology which constitutes a quantum leap forward in signal brightness – far exceeding the intensity and quality of any system.

Applications: – Police, Fire, EMS

Unique features

• Innovative Patented Lighthead Design
• 2-2.5 times brighter than any lightbar at key 45° and 60° intersection angles
• Far brighter alley and takedown lights than traditional halogen or LEDs
• 2 times brighter signal from rear of the lightbar
• Improved central control circuitry
• Improved control of signal brightness – dimming mode meets SAE safety standards
• Improved thermal management
• Universal lighthead design
• Modular lens design
• Inverted bucket lens design
• Intermolded solar barrier
• 2 times stronger frame
• Patented gasket sealing system

Standard Options

• Standard lengths: 23”, 35”, 44”, 47”, 52”, 58”, 70”, 82”, 94”
• 12 Volt
• Serial Interface System is available

General Specifications

• 13.5” D x 2.25” H
• Meets all applicable SAE, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65 specifications when properly configured

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