LED Interior Lighting System

Unseen until energized

Available in full-length, TL (ThinLine) and Passenger-Side only models

Applications: – Police, Fire, EMS

Unique features

  • Multiple LED technologies can be selected for different requirements – Tricore (shown), Optix™ or LED X™ modules available
  • Looks like part of the vehicle
  • LED modules available in directional or wide optics

Standard Options

  • Takedown lights for additional scene lighting
  • Independent flash patterns on each head
  • Passenger Side version improves driver visibility

General Specifications

  • No drilling required for mounting
  • Can be wired to an external flasher to flash the takedown lights
  • Average amp draw is less than 6 amps
  • 5 year warranty on LED’s and 2 years on all other components
  • 12 Volt standard, 24 Volt available with Optix modules

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