LED PriZm™II Perimeter Lighting


Applications: – Police, Fire, EMS

Unique features

  • Solid color 3 x 7” and 4 x 6” lightheads feature a single row of 8 high output Prizm II LEDs
  • Solid color 7 x 9” lightheads feature three rows of 8 high output PriZm II LEDs
  • Amber, Red, Blue, White or Green LEDs available depending on size and configuration
  • Amber, Red, Blue or Clear lenses
  • Synchronization between multiple lightheads
  • Steady Burn – Ability to temporarily transition a flashing light to a steady burn light via vehicle input
  • Dimming
  • Easy to install or retrofit – All models are surface mount using the same hole pattern as the 45/65/85 series (no cutouts required)
  • No bulb replacement ever required
  • Field replaceable outer lenses
  • Water resistant seals

Standard Options

  • Upgrade to 12 high output PriZm II LEDs in all models (single row of 12 LEDs in the 3 x 7” and 4 x 6”, 3 rows of 12 LEDs in the 7 x 9”)
  • Upgraded lightheads can be operated as a solid color or multi-color (split)
  • Solid color LED assemblies can use either a clear outer lens or a matching color outer lens
  • Multi-color lightheads require a clear outer lens
  • Optional chrome-plated bezel
  • Independent on/off control for one-half of any upgraded lighthead assembly

General Specifications

  • 12 volt
  • Low amp draw
  • 5-year warranty
  • Applicable to installations requiring NFPA, SAE 1595, KKK-A-1822F and California Title 13 (specific colors and sizes)
  • NFPA and KKK certified when properly configured

Download Literature

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installation manual for the LED PriZm™II Perimeter Lights.

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