Conventional Alternating Flashers

Warning flashers

These conventional alternating flashers provide versatility and flexibility for your various applications

Applications: – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Tow

Unique features

  • Model 360RS can handle 2 loads of 5 amps each at 55 watts
  • Model 360RDK can handle 4 loads of up to 5 amps each at 55 watts, and can steady burn 2 of the 4 loads
  • Model 360HL can handle 2 loads of up to 5 amps each, and can be used on headlights
  • Model HDFLSH is the heavy duty car flasher, not to be used for headlights
  • Model 339 can handle 2 loads of 28 watts each only (no warranty on this item)

Standard Options

  • 360HL is specifically designed for today’s powerful dual-filament headlights and halogen lamps
  • 360RS is for use with a single pair of stationary lights
  • 360RDK is our dual purpose flasher for when stationary lights are expected to do double the duty as flashers on the roll and steady burning lights at the scene

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